Elevate offers customized furniture of all sorts of designs and colors, and are made in the USA. With so many choices, it can be hard to decide which contemporary dining table you are going to buy for your room. However, decorating your room with the right furniture can be an exciting activity that allows you to express your flair, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some color related questions to think about when choosing your luxury table.

What kind of ambiance are you going for?

Decide what kind of mood you are creating with your space. What is the tone of your living space? Do you want your room to feel small and cozy or do you want it to feel spacious? The ambiance will determine the kind of legs and color of the table you are purchasing. So if you are looking to have a modern gaming room that creates a sense of excitement and perpetual motion, perhaps a luge pool in neon green with black or a mantis pool in red with chrome will perfectly accent your space.

What color scheme does your room have?

If you are just starting to decorate your room, this is the time to think about what colors you are going to use to dress it. Familiarize yourself with the color wheel and basic color theory so that you can pull off the right colors that complement or contrast each other well. There’s a lot to it, but here are two color schemes to get you started.

Analogous colors are colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. This scheme works well because it mimics the monochromatic design but offers more variety, as it can use any two colors next to each other. Complementary colors contrast each other and draws color from opposite ends of the color wheel. This is good if you want to make things stand out.

Regardless of how decorated your room is, thinking about its color scheme is important for choosing the right table to accent the space. Many of our tables come in walnut brown or light bamboo which is perfect for creating a warm tone in a room. Tables of these colors go well in a room with warm, analogous colors such as yellow-orange, and yellow or with colors of nature like green.

Whichever modern, luxurious table you are searching for, Elevate will deliver it handcrafted and customized so that you can enjoy gaming or lounging in style.

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