Luxury is Feasible

We often subscribe to the notion that for something to be luxurious, it has to boast the most expensive price tag. But that’s not really what luxury means.

Luxury is a feeling. It can’t be defined by a price or a label or a brand name. And while there will always be some brand names that are synonymous with the ideas of extravagance and opulence, we believe that the feeling of luxury should be available to all.

Our New Brand

The concept of attainable luxury has inspired us to create our second line of game tables and furniture— a capsule collection we call Elevate Elements. As the offspring of our signature Elevate Customs collection, Elevate Elements allows us to provide feasible luxury to every designer, homeowner, and interior decorator. We’re offering a new group of clients the option to enjoy a high-end product that affords superior playability and imparts distinctive style upon the home.

Elevate Customs is our original and exclusive service. All products are fully customizable and can be personalized to meet any client’s unique aesthetic. Every piece features signature details and offers unparalleled sophistication, making it a favorite for the high-end client who wants what no one else has. It’s an amazing feeling to sit back and admire an Elevate Customs table in your home—but now you can enjoy that same feeling with a table from Elevate Elements.

Key Designs, Signature Style

The Elevate Elements collection includes a few key designs that, while they aren’t available for customization, meet the same quality and standards set forth by our signature brand. All items are handcrafted from beautiful hardwoods and detailed with chrome components and metallic accents that provide the ultimate user experience.

Our artisans hand-sand and hand-stain each piece to perfection, ensuring that every table maintains our superior standards in terms of form, function, and playability. The collection is contemporary and sophisticated, and it is created for the designer who appreciates our clean, minimalist aesthetic.

To enjoy what most people think of as luxurious style, you can buy the most expensive table you can find or have one custom-made specifically for you. But if you’re ready to enjoy the feeling that comes with owning an exquisite design, the Elevate Elements collection is what you’ve been waiting for. From game tables that you can place in your home to conference tables that are perfect for use in a professional space, a new spin on luxury has finally arrived.