Luxury Furniture from Elevate

Elevate is excited to welcome you to our blog page! Over the course of this blog, we will keep you updated about the happenings of our company as well as providing you with useful information pertaining to our products.

Before we head into that, we would like to use this opportunity to tell you more about our company and pieces.

Focus on Contemporary Furniture Design

For many who purchase furniture for their home or space, the focus is typically on the function of the piece. At Elevate, we believe that choosing function does not mean you have to sacrifice style. Our craftsman place emphasis on the workmanship that goes into every single piece created.

Our one-of-a-kind pieces are perfect for any home especially those that are custom built to meet your specifications. For instance, we offer various colors and materials for our clients to choose from. This ensures that the pieces fit seamlessly into every single home.

While we focus on contemporary, or modern, designs we pay homage to various styles.

Gaming Tables with an Impressive Design

The aspect that sets us apart from other contemporary design companies is our ability to turn humdrum gaming tables into statement pieces. We utilize many designers with different backgrounds in residential and commercial design but that does not limit our scope on what we can do to build the customized table of your dreams.

When we think about pool or table tennis, we often think of the standard wood or fold out tables you see in bars or someone’s basement. If we are being honest, there is nothing impressive about them. Were you to add them to your home then the sophistication level will drop immediately.

Our goal was to turn gaming tables into pieces that can be showcased in any space. We specialize in pool, table tennis, shuffle board, foosball, and poker tables. As with our other pieces, we also custom make these tables to meet our client’s needs. Choose from custom colors for your table top or add your business logo if placing the table in your office.

While we are based in Los Angeles our clientele is not limited to just the U.S.. So no matter where you are in the world if you are looking for a custom table for your home or office then contact us today.