Ever wonder what it takes to craft the perfect pool table? A peek behind the scenes at the construction of one of our favorite new designs, the Trinity Pool Table, illustrates the meticulous attention to design and detail that distinguishes Elevate Customs gaming tables. From the selection of the wood to crating and shipping the finished table out to the customer, our craftsmen labor step by step to produce a masterpiece of form and function.

The Trinity is a contemporary interpretation of the pool table that features clean lines and a striking angular base perfect for modern décor. The size, colors, and finishes can be customized to produce the perfect gaming table for your space. It offers both superior game play and unparalleled aesthetics.

Trinity Pool Table Design

The process begins with planning. Our digitized schematics are customized to your size preferences and thoroughly checked to ensure that all design and engineering principles are sound and safety measures are firmly in place. Then construction begins. Based on the customer’s request, we start with the base, assembling it from bamboo, maple, or walnut wood.

Wood Frame Trinity Pool Table

When the legs and base have been formed into the Z-shapes that make the Trinity table unique, we test the base to ensure that it is sturdy and strong. We then get started on the next step—building the railings. The railings and side skirt are crafted with the same precision as the base, culminating in a series of sleek geometric lines and angles that offer beauty and distinction from every point of view.

Frame Trinity Pool Table

With the base, rails, and side skirt in place, our master craftsmen sand every edge, angle, and corner to perfection to ensure both safety and aesthetic beauty. Once the wood has been sanded to a silky smooth finish, the base, railings, and side skirt are stained to the finish of your choice. The production process is complete when we put the table top in place and the final touches, such as customized logos and artwork, are added. Now the stunning look you’ve chosen is complete.

Rails Trinity Pool Table

Professionally crated in our studio and prepared for delivery, the Trinity Pool Table is finally ready for shipping to your home or office. We label the table , load it onto the delivery truck, and deliver it straight to your door so that you can start enjoying hours of professional-quality game play and undeniable style.

Finished Trinity Pool Table

The building process of any Elevate Customs table is extensive, but for our expert builders, the construction of each and every piece is a labor of love. From the designer who creates the initial sketch to the builder who sands and stains every edge and corner to the shipper who crates and prepares your table for delivery, the entire team at Elevate Customs works with one goal in mind—to provide you with the game table of your dreams!