TGradyPhoto_300dpi-2-5The Luxury Ping Pong Table: Modern Gaming at its Finest

Call it table tennis, call it ping pong…however you refer to it, it’s the game that gets your competitive juices flowing. It’s the game you’ve been playing your whole life. It’s the game that never gets old, no matter how old you may be. When you see that little net and a set of paddles across the room, you instantly know you’re in for the match of your life.

Humble Beginnings
The modern version of table tennis came to be in the late 19th century, when lawn tennis players wanted to bring their outdoor sport indoors. Fast forward approximately 100 years and table tennis is now internationally recognized as a summer Olympics sport. It’s the biggest recreational sport in China, boasting over 300 million amateur players and a record 53 Olympic medals since 1988. And as it evolves over time, so do the tables it’s played on.

Those Little Bouncy Balls
What is it that everyone loves about table tennis? Is it the way those little balls bounce so high in the air? Maybe we love how they ricochet so crazily off the table or off the wall? Could be their versatility and the fact that they’ve become an integral part of the much-loved frat house game of **** pong? Made of celluloid, ping pong balls have a unique characteristic that makes them nearly impossible to resist (or bounce).

The Classic Table Goes Luxe
The plastic green top…the little mesh net…those days are over. Today you can find dozens of luxury ping pong tables that offer a unique combination of superior style and functional playability. In regulation tournament-sized designs with elegant features and sleek structures, the traditional table tennis game has found its way into the luxury market, making the game a unique addition to any modern home, contemporary game room, or high-end recreational facility. Even Tiffany & Co. is in the niche, offering walnut wood paddles covered in rich leather in their signature shade of Tiffany blue.

Superior Style, Superior Playability
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