Classic Entertainment, Modern Style

Since the 15th century, the game of pool has been a popular pastime among people of all ages. The game has evolved over the past 500 years, but some of the biggest changes in the sport haven’t been made to the game itself – they’ve been made to the tables we play on. Sure, the classic green felt top pool table you played on in your favorite college bar might still conjure up sentimental feelings…but the new way to enjoy pool is on a sleek and stylish contemporary table.

Modern pool tables make it easy for the discerning billiards fan to enjoy a classic form of entertainment with utmost style. Modern game tables provide hours of competitive game play between family and friends, but they also add an element of style and sophistication to any room. Forget the tables you played on in arcades and in your parent’s basement when you were a child. Today’s tables function for sport as much as they do for style.

From exotic hardwoods with hand-stained finishes to smooth felt tabletops in stark white or rich black finishes, a modern pool table adds instant distinction to any entertainment room, recreation center, office, or lounge. Bold design details, clean lines, and the juxtaposition of geometric forms make modern pool tables a status symbol in upscale urban lofts, beachfront estates, and sprawling rustic homes. With customizable sizes, colors, materials, and finishes, the modern pool table makes a statement in any room.

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep the family entertained inside, looking to boost your credibility as a serious pool player, or looking to impress clients and guests that visit your home or business, a modern pool table is certain to attract attention and create a welcoming environment for amateurs learning the game or pros looking to play in style. Add a modern pool table to any space and you’re bound to see more frequent guests and visitors who want to play a round.

The Ambrosia table is the newest addition to the Elevate Customs collection. Whether you’re looking for a modern ping pong table, a modern foosball table, a modern poker table, or a modern shuffleboard table, the Ambrosia table serves as a focal piece in any configuration, in any color, in any room. Customize your Ambrosia table today to enjoy superior playability with undeniable style.