Product Description

Beautifully handcrafted from oil-stained maple wood, the Nexus pool table in black and white is a bold addition to any room. The sturdy legs of this high-end game table consist of three overlapping semi-circles, handcrafted and positioned to offer different looks from different angles. When viewed from the end of the table, the legs appear as two wide blocks, while the view from the side offers the unexpected illusion of an interconnected woven chain.   

The Nexus pool table can be customized in your choice of bespoke sizes, colors, and finishes. For added functionality, we offer a single conversion top for dining, a single conversion top for table tennis, and a double conversion top for triple duty as a pool table, dining table, and table tennis table in one. Upon request, we also offer the option to add drawers for holding billiard balls and cues.