Product Description

The Vortex is the turnkey arcade cabinet of the future featuring over 30 interactive experiences including race cars, roller coasters and fighter jets. By integrating advanced virtual reality technology, the Vortex provides a premium motion simulator attraction for your home that allows you to skip the family vacation to Orlando.  The system incorporates the A3 Full Motion Simulator and Tornado Wind System which have proven to be a robust and reliable four-dimensional experience since its original launch in 2013.  You also receive a fully themed arcade cabinet with integrated high-powered computer, all of the necessary gaming controllers, and operation software that enables you to choose your experience within the VR headset or with a tablet.  Everything is powered through one single wall outlet and includes a hardwired Ethernet connection that provides our support technicians the ability to remotely update your computer if any issues arise. The Vortex has proven to be easy to operate, competitive, and most importantly, highly re-playable and guaranteed to entertain all year long.